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Automation solutions & test services to break the bottleneck of integrated photonics R&D and production.

100 times faster in test and data analysis.

A fully automated and comprehensive photonics test solution

From single die to the largest wafer

E-PhAuto: a turn key solution for automated integrated photonics tests

  • Die-level and wafer-scale probe stations (up to 300-mm wafers)
  • Edge and surface coupling
  • Ultra-fast navigation with nanoscale optical alignment
  • Fully automated electronic-photonic test for high-throughput operation
  • User-friendly operating system for a quick boost
  • Integration with advanced electrical and optical instruments
  • Seamless integration with an existing data platform or EVHA’s E-Tensor

E-Tensor: an intelligent platform for test automation, data management and analysis

  • Unified software system for various scales ranging from single dies to 300-mm wafers
  • Easy definition of test sequence enabling complex tasks
  • Management of mega data
  • Assistance in information extraction and presentation
  • Efficient data access and sharing within a team and through the production line

Chip Testing Service: an advanced test service with 10+ years of R&D experience in silicon photonics, lasers, and optical communications

  • State-of-art lab facilities for silicon photonics and semiconductor optoelectronics
  • Single-die, multi-die, and wafer scale (up to 12”)
  • Comprehensive electro-optic, RF, and thermo-optic tests
  • Design for test solutions

Silicon Photonics will never be the same


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