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Based on 10+ years of research and industry experience in the fields of silicon photonics, optical communications, and test automation, EHVA Photonics offers a cutting-edge solution for photonic integrated circuit testing and data intelligence.

EHVA helps clients accelerate their R&D and product development through lab prototyping and mass production.


EHVA is a spin-off from the Center for optics, photonics, and lasers (COPL), a world-class photonics research centre. Our facility is located in beautiful Québec city, an innovative hub for the photonics industry. We are an active player in a quickly evolving ecosystem, heading towards next-generation integrated photonics technologies. We work closely with our partners and customers; including leading industry players, small and medium enterprises, and research institutions.

Why choose EHVA?

Just as microelectronics first changed the world by manipulating electrons, integrated photonics is driving another technological revolution by manipulating light on chips the size of finger nails. This disruptive technology has applications in data centre interconnects, quantum computing, LiDAR and biomedical diagnosis. Despite mature fabrication techniques and strong market demand, the complexity in photonic testing limits the efficiency of R&D and production. Current test solutions are slow, inflexible and expensive. Consequently, they are unable to support the continuous complexity and volume scaling of integrated photonic devices and systems. EVHA was created to break this bottleneck, by providing a turn-key solution that offers unprecedented efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

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